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Sentiment Analysis


With the recent advances in deep learning, the ability of algorithms to examine text has improved considerably. One way of analysing text is through sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is the mining of text by identifying and extracting certain information from the source material. Using this analysis, businesses can understand the social sentiment of their organization’s products or services.


We at Transviti aim to provide our clients with the assistance they need to use advanced artificial intelligence techniques in conjunction with effective tools to conduct in-depth research. We do this by classifying incoming customer conversation about a product or service based on the following:
Key aspects of an organization’s products and services that customers care about.
Customers underlying intentions and reactions concerning those aspects.

When these two concepts are used together, they become an important tool for analyzing various conversations with accurate results.

Tools For Sentiment Analysis

Our experts are well-versed in working on the following tools and platforms:
Hootsuite Insights