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Rest APIs and Web-Services Development


As the internet progresses with the latest technological advancements, creating REST API’s becomes more concrete and tangible with emerging best practices. As RESTful web services don’t follow standards, therefore it is important to create RESTful API’s in accordance with industry best practices to increase client’s usage of the API and at the same time, ease their development.
An Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface that consists of a set of rules that allow programs to talk to one another. The Representational State Transfer (REST) in the REST API determines how the API looks like. It is basically a set of rules that developers should follow when they create their API.


We at Transviti specialize in developing API’s that are reliable and easy to consume for our client’s. We realize that due to recent advancements in technologies, API’s are changing how data can be used to make new business models and strategies for new products. Our experts have recognized how important API’s are in delivering scalable and secure development services. Our specialists hold expertise in creating new API’s and / or integrating your application with an interface of an existing API. Given below are some of the API development / API integration services provided by Transviti:
Web API Development
API for Mobile Application Development
Cloud API Development
Third-party Application Integration (RESTful API’s)
API Gateway Development

Tools For Rest APIs and Web Services Development

Our developers hold expertise in the following tools for REST API Development / Integration Services:
API Blueprint