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Offshore – Captive Resource Team


Transviti offers a range of pre-evaluated dedicated team with a wide / on demand skill sets with proven experience in development on domestic and international assignments including development of complete solutions, deploying to production, and performing support operations management.
There are three models of Captive Resource Teams

Single Resource Team

An expert as per the desired skillset, full-time available for client’s requirements, with no involvement in any other project or task.

Dedicated Team

A pool of 02-10 professional resources with that have a wide variety of skillset to assist in the development process or support an ongoing project. Client may pre-qualify each candidate with face-to-face interview.

Supervised Team

A team of pre-selected resources, under the supervision of Transviti's Chief Technologist, to take full responsibility for your expectations with a daily monitoring and weekly reporting for the assigned task

Blended Production Recovery Model

Our flexible Blended Production Recovery Model is designed to meet the need for interim resource augmentation for a desired pool of skillsets at blended per-hour rates, which are highly competitive and flexible to clients’ needs. For example, if there is a need for three levels of resources, or three skillsets of resources, and the total project duration is 100 man-hours, we will charge a single per-hour rate to avoid complexities and confusion.

Simple Billing Model

Our model is beyond any hidden or additional cost, means our client receives one invoice a month inclusive of everything (Infrastructure, Technology, Office space, HR Management) on the basis of hours consumed by the team for the assignment/development/tasks.

Development segments suitable for Captive Resource Model

These Project based teams are suitable for the task like:

Long Term Project / Product Development

Support / Maintenance Management

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Data Scraping / SEO